Is it on topic here to ask for someone to critique a one page scientific grant proposal? I wrote it but I'm not proud of it yet and would like some help to improve it.

Just a comment on the downvotes (for those new to the meta board)—they're essentially "no" votes, not downvotes on the quality of the question being asked. –  aeismail Aug 17 '13 at 23:21

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No, it's not on-topic, because such a request would only benefit you.

However, asking a question that is more generic and would apply to others would potentially be okay.


If you can figure out what you are not "proud" of and can frame it as a general question, then you can ask about that. It is not appropriate to ask for editing or critiques. See for example the Formatting of grants question of mine.


caseyr547, while that kind of question would be totally off topic here, for the reasons aeismail mentioned. This question and subsequent answers may be of use to you.

Best of luck with the proposal.


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